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“Kristina writes songs filled with raw emotion that guides the listener through rough, dark seas and enables them to explore mystical realms.”,


“Follow Me” has some essence of Patti Smith with a folk twist. Kristina’s voice is rich and she inhabits each song in a gripping and fascinating way. “Journey Part 1” carries the same feel and a similar insistent guitar backing. “Goddess” introduces a loping time signature and wonderful vocal interplay which is once again powerful and deep. “In A Previous Life” has a more melancholy feel. It is the great vocal sound which draws you in to every song. “Everyday” has a touch of Michelle Shocked and the lyrics are fierce and powerful. “Judgement Day” travels at breakneck pace and actually seems to increase in speed . “Silence And Slumber” is the strongest song here. Once again the voice , the tempo and the fascinating personality of the singer are set out clearly. This album is a powerful statement of intent and it will be extremely interesting to see where this truly original artist goes next!"



It’s far easier to market ‘the new PJ Harvey’ then ‘something like nothing you’ve ever heard before.’ Amazon and most streaming sites operate on ‘recommendations’: if you like x, you’ll probably like y’. It’s likely true, but this only leads to a narrowing: where is the encouragement of broadening horizons? Strong female voices are being pigeonholed – and I don’t mean just strong in vocal terms, although Kristina Stazaker is strong on both fronts when it comes to voice, with songs that are imbued with deep emotional resonance delivered with the kind of passion that comes from the very core. On Follow Me, Stazaker showcases a selection of songs which are stripped back and direct. Primarily centred around acoustic guitar and vocals – often layered up with backing vocals and harmonies – the style is angry folk, but the voice uniquely Stazaker’s. Follow Me is simple but effective: that is to say, it’s imperious, free of fancy production, and is absolutely about the songs. It’s fitting for an album so lyrically concerned with nature, and the lyrical preoccupations are reflected in the honest, earthy instrumentation.'Don’t let those bastards beat you down’ Stazaker sings with a strong hint of venom on ‘Everyday’. It’s not an oblique reference to The Handmaid’s Tale, but it should be a feminist / working class anthem in the offing. The album’s longest song, ‘Goddess’, is a multi-layered emotional dredger that functions on multiple levels. ‘Hail Hail Rain and Sail’ is a lively, even fiery folk tune with just vocals and energetically-strummed acoustic guitar. The format is simple, but the effect is powerful, and Follow Me succeeds because of its confidence: Stazaker demonstrates perfectly that less is more when done right, and with so many strong songs, Follow Me is all the force.



“Good heavens, that was like a fever dream”

- Daryl Easlea, Ship Full Of Bombs Radio Show



"I’ve seen and heard Kristina perform on a number of occasions and she is a true talent. She’s strong, feisty, soulful and tender all at the same time. She absolutely rocks."


"Definitely recommend, love listening to her voice and her songs are beautiful. Kris played at SE in the Duns and is amazing live."


"Top sound like folk punk with lots of attitude​​"

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