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Kristina Stazaker


© Jennifer West Photography


Kristina Stazaker has been bringing her unique solo and acoustic sounds to crowds to the UK since 2015. Showcased as "feministic anti-folk which nobody can actually describe", her muses have roots in old-time folk, punk and alternative indie. Her captivating performances take the audience back to when deep, nature and primal instinct ruled our lifestyles. The performances take you from the woodland to the sea and the time signature changes provide turbulence in the audiences' journey. 


Kristina's vocals, which change from Celtic-origins to raw anger, keep the audience on their toes and wondering what she will do next. Collaborations are key to her approach. Kristina integrates other instruments into her performances where she can. Her most ambitious project - featuring cello, fiddle, hammered dulcimer, drums and bass - demonstrates the dynamic and inclusive nature of her music. Whether as a solo artist or playing with a full band, the audience is left wanting more.  Kristina features in many other collaborations and steps in to help acts if they need a vocalist, guitarist or bassist. Promoters and stage managers have commented on her musicianship and her drive to make the event a success. 


Deciding to pursue a solo career in 2015, she has branched out. In 2018, she entertained the crowds at gigs in pubs, clubs and private parties around Essex and London and featured on the line-up at Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset and Sistafest in Oxfordshire.